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Welcome to  Charcuterie Season at Indulgable Culinary Creations, where we artfully curate grazing options for every palate and any occasion.


 Our Classic Charcuterie Box is the epitome of bespoke indulgence. Each element is thoughtfully selected and expertly arranged to create a symphony of flavors and textures that tantalize the taste buds.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail each box is unque and features   premium cured meats, various artisanal hard and soft cheeses, fruit and veggies, nuts, crackers, breads, flavoured spreads, each complementing the other in a perfect harmony of tastes, flavours, and textures. As a finishing touch, decadent chocolate truffles are included!


Our Classic  Charcuterie box offers two generous meal-size portions for an intimate dinner or four  appetizer portions for sharing.   Ideal for celebrating a special milestone, to a casual date-nigh to simply indulging in a moment of luxury, our Charcuterie Box is sure to impress.  


  For an extra special touch consider adding Chocolate Covered Strawberries,  Mini Heart Waffles, and Truffle Chips as optional  add-ons.


Want to elevate your presentation? Opt for our bamboo serving board option  in the add-on,  beautifully wrapped, and adorened with a decorative bow.


We selecting more than one add-on,  please call or Email us to ensure all you're  add-ons have been are included.   905-334-0982 or


Planning a special celebration or coporate event, we understandi that every occasion is unique.  Which is why we can customize  charcuterie options from  specialty individual offerings to a full grazing table and anything in between, working with your budget to make any celebration or event extraordinary. Contact us at 905-334-0982  or to elevate your next occasion with Indulgables.


Are wedding bells in the future?  Start your wedding planning off right with our personalized services.  We would love to help you make every celebration leading up  and includeing  the big day sparkle,  #LoveIsIntheCharcuterie! 


To learn more about our custom options, don't hesitate to contact us at or 905-334-0982


We have something for everyone, including meeting most dietary requirements. We would appreciate if you could pre-order 72 hours in advance to ensure we can fullfill your order.   





Charcuterie Box, Boards and more

  • Your Charcuterie Box includes 2  meal-sized portions or 4 appetizer portions

    • 4 or more types of assorted cured meats
    • 4 or more types of artisan cheeses
    • Olives, pickels
    • Fresh and dried fruits nuts
    • Assorted crackers
    • Spreads and jams
    • Chocolate  truffles
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