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Indulge your Valentine with our exclusive Truffle Obsession Charcuterie Box!


A perfect way to celebrate love. A truffle lovers dream, a gourmet delight perfect for a romantic dinner or surprising a foodie sweetheart.


Our curated selection of truffle-infused cheeses, salami, truffle honey, and truffle mustard will set the mood for an extraordinary romantic culinary experience. 🧀🍯🥖

🎁 Gift-ready and party-perfect, this decadent charcuterie ensemble is designed to bring out deep umami flavors, leaving your taste buds dancing and craving more. 🕺💃




Our Limited EditionTruffle Obsession Charcuterie Box offers a truffle indulgence experience to entertain with style or as an extraordinary gift for that spcial foodie in your life. Either way, this gourmet-filled box will win that special someones heart



We have curated our Limited Edition Truffle Obsession Charcuterie box to offer special moments of gourmet bliss while celebrated love.


To complement this truffle experience it can request it on bamboo board, a bag of Truffle Potato chips, or for an extra indulgence add chocolate covered strawberries and mini heart shaped Belgium waffles, all included from the add-ons.


Extra protions can also be added as well as we would be happy to creat a custom creation for your special someone or any special celebration.

When considering more than one please contact us to discuss cost.

Truffle Obsession Charcuterie Box

  • Your Charcuterie Box includes  2 meal-sized portions or 2 to 4 appetizer portions:

    • Truffle Prosciutto Highlights the flavour of truffle with deep ruby-hued procwith with an unforgettable bite: it's rich and salty, a tiny bit sweet, with earthy notes of garlic and chocolate, imparted by the truffles.
    • Truffle Cheddar Cheese with real truffles pieces made in Ontario by  Balderson. 
    •  Truffle Boursin or alternate soft cream typ cheese
    •  Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard, dry cheese with a  rich, complex fruity/nutty taste that enhances the truffle flavour.

    • Merlot Bella Vitano firm ripened cheese soaked in merlot wine with fruity notes of plum and berry mixed with creamy richness is a perfect pairing with truffle.
    • Pancetta a product of Italy, is a  salt-cured pork belly that has a delicious smoky flavor ribboned with fat, and fat is a really good flavor carrier that intensifies the truffle flavour.
    • Truffle honey, acacia honey with truffle is amazing on cured meats and cheese.
    • Black truffle almonds -limited edition from Terrafina truly divine.
    • Truffle mustard, this mild mustard elevates all of your senses with its umami earthy essence of truffle
    • Gourmet olives 
    • Carr's Table Water Crackers
    • Fresh grapes and figs
    •  Baci Kisss Perugina chocolate, made in Italy

    Items may not be extactly as stated and certain products may be substituted due to seasonal availbality.


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