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Do you have a special occasion you're looking for a unique gift for, or maybe a special thank-you, forget the flowers and give a  custom Charcuterie Bouquet, and it will be a unique culinary delight any foodie would love.


Artisan cheeses and specialty cured meats, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, olives, pickles, pretzel bread, and mini heart waffles, chili peppers are a few options we like to use to create these culinary creations. Each  bouquet  is one of a kind and comes complete with a decorative base-type vase of your choise from our  offerings.


 Our Charcuterie Bouquets are available in three sizes:

  • Small 1-2 servings $40.00
  • Medium 4-6 servings $80.00
  • Large  6-8 servings $110.00
  • Extra Large Party Size -Custom 10 or more $ TBD


As each of our Charcuterie bouquests are one of kind, we would love to learn more about the occasion to personalize it. Select your base /vase that suits the occasion, including glass beer mugs, mason jars, and ceramic vases, to list a few popular options.


Add a  special touch by including  Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Mini Heart Waffles, or Truffle Chips as add-ons.  

If selecting more than one add-on please contact as prior to check-out to ensure all items are as requested.


Our images include some of the projects we have created to inspire you. I look forward to discussing how we can help make this a truly delectable edible gift from the heart.

I can be contacted at 905-334-0982 or


We also love parties and celebrations, and we would be honored to be part of your special celebration or event, giving it our special Induglables touch. We also offer custom boxes, boards,  and platters from individual specialty options to party-sized boards and grazing tables for entertaining at home or corporate events. Perfect for any occasion. Let us make your occasion, celebration, event, or gathering memorable!


 Please allow at least  72 hours for custom orders.


Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.




Charcuterie Bouquets

  • Charcuterie Bouquets include:  

    • 3-4 types of specialty cured meats
    • 3-4 types of artisan cheeses
    • cherry tomatoes
    • mini dills
    • hot peppers
    • Peanuts in shell
    • base vase
    • custom options available
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