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S'more summer living is made easy with our S’more Gourmet Treat Box all year round.


Enjoy the goodness of melty ooey-gooey marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. Kids of all ages enjoy S'more treats. Great for games night, date night, birthdays, and sleepovers.  S'mores is always a crowd-pleaser.  S'more table is perfect for larger celebrations family reunions, engagement parties, wedding events and corporate events. 


S'more Gourmet Treat Box includes:
  Milk, dark and white Swiss and Belgium chocolates 
  Assorted marshmallows, 
  Artisan novelty chocolates

   Graham crackers
  Selection of gourmet cookies

  Assortment of gummies, candies and treats

As an option, we have also included portable gel fire fuel. Suitable for a tabletop anywhere. Safe for indoors so you can enjoy S'mores all year round!


Gluten-free and plant-based options are also available.


Our custom offerings are available to suit your event or celebration from individual options such as specialty cups to full table spreads, and anything in between. Offering custom boxes, boards, and platters from individual to party sizes for entertaining at home, at the cottage, camping, family night, and birthdays as well as commemorating any occasion or holiday.

We also love doing seasonal and holiday-themed boxes, boards and individual options that include Easter,  Canada Day, and Christmas and our S'mhorr box is a great thriller for Halloween. 

As the weather gets colder, check out our Hot Chocolate S'more options.


We want to create an unforgettable time with every order. For orders and customer inquiries, please get in touch with me at or 905-334-0982 to discuss your request. Let us make your occasion,  celebration,  and event memorable and effortless!


Specific Dietary requirements may be available by request: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.




S’mores Gourmet Treat Boxes, Boards and Platters

  • S’mores Gourmet Treat Box - Serves 2  to 4

    Each S’mores Gourmet Treat Box comes complete with:

    • assortment of marshmallows

    • assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate ( 1 LB)

    • graham crackers

    • assorted  artisan cookies

    • assorted truffles and sweets

    • assorted crackers

    • treats  and gummies

    • skewers

    • boxed for convenient delivery

    • optional: portable gel fire fuel, extra $10

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