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For those winter nights, snuggle up with our S'more Hot Chocolate box.   Enjoy the memories of melty ooey-gooey marshmallows, and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers while sipping hot chocolate and snacking on your favorite sweet treats.

 2-4 servings per box.


We also offer our S'More Hot Chocolate as boards, crazing tables, and individual mugs. Any options would be a treat for games night, date nights, birthdays, and sleepovers. We can also tailor your request to suit your occasion. Planning a wedding, customize your own Smore Hot Chocolate options for any of your wedding events. 


S'more Hot Chocolate Box  includes:
    -  Assorted Swiss and Belgium chocolates 
    -  Assorted marshmallows

   -   Hot chocolate bombs
    -  Belgium Chocolates

    -  Graham crackers 

    -   Artisan sugar cookies

    -   Assortment  candy and treats

As an option, we have also included portable gel fire fuel. Suitable for a tabletop anywhere. Safe for indoors so you can enjoy S'mores all year round!


We have also included chocolate strawberries and mini waffles as an add-on for an extra special touch! 


Gluten-free and plant-based options are also available.


Thinking of gifting or hosting something original, we love customs that include individual portions full table spreads and anything in between.  We invite you to choose from any of our boxes, mugs options or custom boxes, boards, platters, and even grazing tables for entertaining at home or corporate events, especially weddings. 


Creating more custom S'more fun. For orders and customer inquiries, please get in touch with me at or 905-334-0982 to discuss your request.

Let us do it S'more way!


Specific Dietary requirements may be available by request: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.



S’mores Hot Chocolate Gourmet Box

  • S’mores  Hot Chocolate Gourmet Box - Serves 2  to 4

    Each S’mores Hot Chocolate Box comes complete with:

    • hot chocolate bombs

    • assortment of marshmallows

    • assortment of Swiss and  Belgium chocolate 

    • graham crackers

    • assorted  artisan cookies

    • assorted truffles and sweets

    • chocolate covered spoons

    • skewers

    • boxed for convenient delivery

    • optional: portable gel fire fuel, extra $10

  • Local Delivery:

    Hamilton or Burlington - $10.00
    Oakville - $15.00
    Toronto, Guelph & Niagara - $20.00

    Pick-Up Location
    185 Main Street, North Waterdown ON L0R 2H0

    Please Email or call to discuss pick-up or delivery



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